Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thirsty Thirty!

For the last 4 years, I have been able to surprise my husband for his birthday! I'm not sure how he hasn't caught on yet (or maybe he has and is just being a good sport) but this year, I vowed, would be no exception...especially since he was turning the big 3-0!
So, I started to save my pennies and being the event planner that I am, check out the Pirate Party, started to plan plan plan. Thankfully, Josh and I had a holiday party to attend the same night and my mom was going to babysit Samantha for the night. Who could have guessed that poor Sammy would get sick and we would have to leave the holiday party early to "pick her up". A short drive later and we were walking through the doors of Nom Nom Treats to a huge "SURPRISE" and a happy healthy baby!
To me, a party is all in the details, so I decided to go with the theme Thirsty Thirty. I loved that I could keep the colors "manly" with blacks and golds and could incorporate so many great additions to the theme through decor and food.
First, I had to have slumped glass platters to have the hors d'oerves served on! Though I'm sure the cook and server hated using them, they totally completed the whole theme and were my favorite aspect of the party planning! I ended up purchasing 2 of them for Josh's birthday gift. They will be a great way for him to remember the night and be a great conversation starter at our next dinner party!
Second, came to food! No party is a party without food! So, I had Little Mushroom Catering cater the party. We had Angus Skewers with a Horseradish Cream, Boar wrapped in Phillo with a Dijon Butter, Antijitos with a Lime Sour Cream, Cheddar Stuffed Meatballs with a 40 Creek BBQ Sauce, Teryaki Chicken Skewers and Raspberry & Brie Puffs topped with Rum Butter! The food totally complimented the theme and were quickly eaten up by all our friends and family.
Then of course there's the sweets! Everyone knows I...Josh has a sweet tooth, so I picked up some of his favorite snacks and some delicious Mancave and Guiness cupcakes for dessert (Thank you Just Baked)! Then to end the night off, my mom made a chex mix roasted with sirarcha sauce that we served in rock glasses.
But the night would not have been complete with out all of our friends and family! They not only were able to help keep the party a secret, but were able to join us and celebrate with us.

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