Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Day at a Time

Well, I took a big first step for me and decided to pursue my career as an event planner again...though VERY part time. This was a very hard decision for me. Event planning took a lot of time and even though I love connecting the dots snd creating a picture perfect event, I love watching Samantha connect her own dots even more. First steps, first words, first everythings...I don't want to miss a thing.
But, reality has come to light and I know the day will come when I will no longer be able to hold her little hand and catch the butterflies with her. The fact of the matter is, one day I will have to let go and let her find her own way. But, that doesn't mean that I have to completely let go...lets start with one day at a time.
So, Samantha is officially in daycare 1 day a week! Like I day at a time.

She apparently had the time of her life singing, dancing and on the other hand was nervous and quite emotional. I mean, I'm not just leaving her with Nana for the night...I was leaving my child, the person that is THE most important person in my life, with someone I had only just met.
That being said, I searched and searched and searched for the perfect home daycare for Samantha. I certainly wasn't going to just leave her with Joe Blow down the street (who I did speak to by the way...) I wanted to make sure that, yes Samantha "fit" with the family, but also that I felt comfortable leaving her with that family.

Let me tell you, that search took much longer that I thought it would. I met with women who's "daycare" was in their dirty, dark and dingy basement...stay at home moms who were just looking for some extra cash...and even one who told me when Samantha got a little older they can start doing more "advanced activities like coloring together"...WHAT?! She's almost 2 years old! I'm not exactly sure "how old" you want her to be before she picks up a crayon...but I guess my baby genius is ahead of the game in that area.
Enter Mrs V. When I walked into her home, I instantly felt warm and welcome and I knew that I had hit gold! Mrs V is not only a Montessori trained teacher, but it also speaks Slovak! (Yup...that would be language #5!)

So, on Samantha's first day, I may have been emotional but I didn't have a doubt in my mind that Samantha would be safe and have a whole lot of fun.

And at the end of an incredibly tough Mommy day, Samantha was all smiles when I picked her up! Not only did I get the BIGGEST hugs, but I also recieved beautiful original Sammy artwork to hang at home, a delicious homemade cake for me and had a toy for Samantha!

So, one day at a time I will slowly start to let Samantha lead the way. But not to fast baby girl...Mommy doesn't want to miss a thing!

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  1. Thanks, Lindsay! I am happy that Samantha enjoys the time with us!