Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Than Just a Girl!

Tonight, while "the grown ups" were chatting after dinner, Samantha decided to get into my kitchen cupboards...again! This time, instead of throwing cake mixes, cans and cheerios all over my floor, she got creative!

She took the cans and stacked them one on top of each other, until they were 5 high and she needed help to stack the next one! She even went as far to make sure that the correct ends were together so that they high ends stacked into the low ends!

So, when I saw this video, not less than 30 minutes later, I HAD to share it!

I'm not sure what Samantha will do when she grows up, but I sure hope that she's not only happy but able to show just how intelligent she really is!

If you like what Goldieblox is doing to innovate for girls' toys, you could like them on Facebook. And if you want to see them win a chance at airing their commercial in the Super Bowl (instead of seeing another creepy GoDaddy ad), you could vote here. Just sayin'. Also, you could share this epicness if you think we need more girls interested in engineering...totally your call though!

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