Sunday, April 28, 2013

Final Days

I must say, I have never been so determined in my entire life! OK, I was pretty darned determined while in labour with Samantha, but that's a completely different type of determination. The determination I'm talking about is the "crazy-momma" determination. That drive inside every mom that will make you do things you would never do, except for your kid.

When I first heard about the Today's Parent Cover Contest, I was SO excited! Everyone thought that her custom cover I designed a few months ago was the real deal and that they were going to see her little smile on news stands across the country! So, I just knew I would be able to get the support I didn't to get her to be a finalist!

Well, we are into the final days of the contest and I am so nervous and so excited and so worried and so proud and so just everything!

I am nervous that I didn't get enough votes to get her on the so-called "short-list" of the competition and have the judges at least see her smile. I am excited to think that maybe, just maybe, she does have enough votes and that she will have a chance to be a finalist! I am worried that I may have irritated too many of my friends with the constant "Samantha's in a contest please vote" updates and private messages. But, I am proud of myself!

I am proud of myself for asking. And not just those people I talk to on a regular basis, I asked the people I hadn't spoken to in months, in years. Heck, I told random strangers in the grocery store (but only after the commented on how adorable Samantha was - 3 times).

Needless to say, I'm over the moon with the support that my friends and family have shown for Samantha! Thank you SO much to everyone and keep your fingers and your toes crossed that we are closer than I think and the judges are looking into her big brown eyes and loving that infectious grin of hers! Only time will tell...and so will my blog!

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