Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 102: Oops...

So, as I've quickly learned time has flown by with Samantha. I had this amazing day 99 post already written in my head, only to miss the day! Opps...

Well, that's certainly not going to stop me! This entire blog process has been absolutely amazing and I cannot wait for the day Samantha has a child of her own and I can pass my letters and stories and now this blog down to her. That being said, I can certainly wait quite awhile for that to happen and just live in the moment with her now.

Looking back, these last 102 days have shown me and taught me so much. Day 1 was all about trying to get Samantha to laugh every single day. Just the sound of her giggles could brighten even the most frustrating day. And trust me, as many of you know, there were many-a-frustrating days!

Next week, Samantha will be 10 months old and she has already taught me more in those short months, than in my entire life! She has taught me to laugh at life, to see the details in life and that time flies! But, the I think the most important thing I learned was that to laugh, you have to find the laughter in life! As simple as that sounds, it was hard to learn.

Looking back on all those hard, sleepless nights...I'm happy I got to cuddle my baby girl back to sleep. Funniest part, I'm sure that's all she wanted too.

Watching the videos of her laughing...I can see how something as simple as gravity and magnets can be absolutely hysterical.

And how a human face can be so amazing. With the smallest muscle movement, a facial expression comes to life and so do her giggles!
For those of you who have been following, and there more of you than I could have ever imagined, I hope that you have laughed along the way too and learned how to find the laughter in life! As for 99 Days of Laughter, well it does not stop here! Look for a post every week and watch Samantha and I discover the laughter in life!

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