Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Off to School We Go...

Dear Samantha,

Tomorrow, I promise to hold your hand a little tighter;
I promise to hug you a little longer;
And I promise to watch you a little closer.

I have been preparing for this day since you were born. I knew it was coming and this year especially, I knew you were ready for it to happen. You have grown into such an amazing little girl. You are kind, silly, smart, beautiful, and have so much love to give. I can only begin to imagine how much you will grow as you begin to truly discover your own independence, discover your own self and discover who you want to be.

Either way, as much as I have prepared for this day, I am not ready for it. I am not ready to let you go. How can I make sure you eat your sandwich before your cookies, remember to use your manners, or wash your hands. How can I protect you from the reality that is our society, from the bullies, the stereotypes, the mean words and the broken hearts.

No, I am not ready for this day to happen. Have I hugged you enough? Told you I loved you enough? Have I taught you enough for this day? Even in my bad mommy moments, I can only hope that my love for you has shone through and that you have felt my love in every moment, because being blessed enough to have stayed home with you since the day you were born is coming a distant memory.

Tomorrow, I will trust another woman to care for you, to teach you, to hold your hand. She will be the one to see that moment of excitement when you learn something new, that twinkle in your eyes when you are proud of your accomplishments. She will also be the one I trust to wipe your tears when you hurt yourself, hug you when you feel sad and help you learn to overcome the rules of society.

You see, tomorrow, I realize, is the start of a brand new adventure for you. One, in which, I have to let you discover on your own. So, I can only pray that I have pointed you in the right direction, taught you proper morals and values, and shown you the love you deserve.

But, for now I promise to hold your hand a little tighter;
I promise to hug you a little longer;
and I promise to watch you a little closer.



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